5 things to look for in a web development company

If you’re looking to upgrade your company’s website – and after all these years, you probably should be – here are five of the most important things to look for in a web development agency.

1) Do they have a quality portfolio?

This one is obvious … and yet people keep forgetting about it.

Prospective clients will ask an agency a technical question and forget to take a look at their previous work.

Check for two things: the overall quality of the websites and whether the agency has experience developing quality websites for your industry. 

2) Are they design-centric?

Your fancy new website has to be functional but it also has to look good. Your customers will notice. Quality design isn’t just a nice-to-have add on, it is an essential component of your branding and overall digital strategy.

3) Does the agency have highly skilled UX experts?

UX is related to design, but it’s more about web strategy than aesthetics. 

A web development agency that prioritises good UX will ensure that your new website does what you need it to do – whether that’s encouraging users to sign up to your newsletter or purchase your products or call for more information.

4) Do they understand your business?

If your web developers don’t understand who you are and what you need your website to do, you’re wasting your time. Choose an agency that gets you.

5) Customer service is everything

Developing a new website can be frustrating even at the best of times. A good agency will give you clear timelines, help you manage expectations and be available to answer all your questions. They’ll also be prepared to say no to bad ideas.

You don’t just want a new website. You want a website that will help you do better business online. Give Pixel Village a call. We’ll take an integrated analytical look at where your business currently is – and develop the tools and strategy you need to make your business grow.