Behind the logo

Behind the logo

After some painstaking effort, we came out with this new brand and website – we hope you like it.

The saying “the cobbler’s child has no shoes” stayed true for a while with this one – we just couldn’t get onto our own stuff and when we did – well… we were our own biggest critics. In the end we just did what we tell all our clients to do – stop looking at the negative and accept it will never be perfect and just go with it.

We wanted something fresh and more meaningful than before, and we think we got it. You will see how the bottom of the “x and the two “l’s” (one inverted) join to form a hut from the …. village – we liked that :)

We have gone with the new site as well and in starting with tradition, the work should speak more than the site itself. We have stayed relatively¬†simple when it comes to the actual design of the site -giving our portfolio a platform to “talk” – we hope you like it too.


We look forward to this change and the change it will bring. Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts.

Ciao 4 now


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